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Double-Dose of Aliens

July 25, 2021

     If you’re a casual fan of the Aliens Franchise, you’ve probably seen a few of the films. Maybe you might even recognize a “facehugger.” However, if you’re more of a die-hard fan, then you know you’ve probably opened yourself up to a variety of Aliens media: merchandise, books, trivia, magazines, toys, videogames and much more. Rarely though, do companies collaborate like this new Aliens double-barreled combo between novel and videogame!  For the latest Aliens property effort, Author Weston Ochse has expertly written the prequel novel to the videogame, “Aliens Fireteam Elite.” The novel sets-up and intentionally links the book to the storytelling in the videogame. This double-dose of Aliens is unique in that the tale flows from the literary world across to the realm of gaming to give the consumer a fantastic sensory experience in both media.


     The novel lays out the dilemma of Pala Station, a Weyland-Yutani facility in deep space, and explains what initially caused the destruction of the crew and the proliferation of new Xenomorphs. Within the dark tale, Weston Ochse develops two new Xenomorph varieties that invade the hollow halls of the spaceship. For die-hard fans, these creatures advance the danger beyond anything seen in film or novel.


     Additionally, there are ultra-violent scenarios that escalate the stakes so well that it’s hard not to read without clenching your teeth. What makes this so unique is that the ending of the book directly ties in to the beginning of the videogame Aliens: Fireteam Bravo. This is new to the Aliens franchise and different than so many other large-scale titles. So, in order to get the full effect, you’re going to want to read the novel first, then jump right into the videogame. Hopefully you won’t get any acid-blood on ya during the experience.


     The videogame Aliens Fireteam Elite, from studio Cold Iron, comes out on several consoles and PC on August 24th, 2021 and if played in conjunction with the novel, there are promised to be Easter Eggs for the game that only those who read the novel will ever get. The game features cooperative gameplay between two or more players and has already wowed game reviewers across the globe. Players take control of a marine assault unit that has come into the spaceship to investigate the horrible slaughter that occurred before they arrived. Quite the two-parter here and worth the effort to dig into both products.


     If you have even a passing interest in Aliens, the book Aliens Infiltrator by Weston Ochse is available now on every literary platform out there, including good old-fashioned paperback. Especially if you are familiar with the franchise, I highly recommend the novel. And if you got the guts, give the videogame a shot when it arrives. I’m confident it will satisfy fans and newcomers alike.


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